Healthy Diet Regime

With the increased infections around us and stressful life, it is very essential to keep a track of a good lifestyle. Your eating habits and regular indulgence in physical activity make up a good immune system leading to an ideal body.

The Healthy Diet Regime program will help you gather all the required nutrients from natural sources and nourish your body. So why wait? Increase your knowledge of nutrition and keep benefitting yourself now and then…

Healthy Diet Regime

Our Healthy Diet Regime Program Comprise Of

  • 30 min First consultation call with Dietitian Nikita Katyal
  • Weekly feedback calls (telephonic / video calls – as per client’s comfort)  lasting for 20 min with Nutritionist Nikita Katyal
  • A week’s diet plan after the feedback call targeting the BMR, Gut,Energy, Stress, Sleep, easy adaption and  appetite of the the Healthy Diet Regime Client
  • Reasoning for all the food included in the diet routine
  • Desi remedies for body issues.
  • Easy access to Dietitian Nikita Katyal by the Client for all the queries and concerns  (in between working hours and days)
  • Healthy  and delicious Recipes
  • Suggesting a video or type of physical activity to be included as per the diet in the respective week

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Welcome To Diet Define

Welcome To Diet Define

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